History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our History

Life is about making choices. Darrel Bethany aspired to provide families with above quality service. Choosing Roswell as the preferred location, he watched as his dream of providing the community with a new facility and a dignified choice become a reality. Anderson Bethany Funeral Home and Crematory has served the community of Roswell and the surrounding areas with dignity, respect and service for over a decade, opening our doors on July 28, 2000. Doing the right thing and acting with integrity are two of the driving forces behind Anderson Bethany Funeral Home and Crematory's great success story.The heart of Darrel Bethany is the foundation upon which the honor of Anderson Bethany is established and that honor permeates every aspect and corner of our funeral home. Our family owned funeral home and crematory holds high the commitment to you, our community. We pledge our complete service to provide your family with outstanding personal service and attention that only a locally owned "Family" funeral home can offer. The cornerstone of our service is the total attention we place on every element of your requests during your time of need. We commit to be available 24 hours a day, ensuring that every need and detail is met, helping in every way we can. One of our experienced, qualified and caring directors can explain all the options available to you and your family, answer questions and understand your needs as we offer our services to you, our families. The Bethany family seeks to ensure that our staff is compassionate and considerate and capable, ready to serve. Anderson Bethany Funeral Home and Crematory has been and continues to be blessed and is thriving due to the wonderful families committed to us.  To you, our families we say a grateful thank-you. 

Our Valued Staff

  • Darrel & Jery Bethany

    Darrel & Jery Bethany, Owners

    Our beliefs have directed and continue to direct our lives. After the loss of both of our spouses, we were brought together in 2009, upon the passing of Jery’s mother, Faye Groseclose. Jery’s family trusted Anderson Bethany Funeral Home and Crematory with the care of her mother’s services. Numerous high recommendations on the quality and personal care were received by the family in considering this funeral home. Immediately, a higher level of commitment, integrity and personalization of the Bethany Family were obvious. Darrel and Jery were married in January of 2010. Together they have continued to improve Anderson Bethany Funeral Home and Crematory, reinvesting funds in our establishment, the community and the lives of the families we are honored to serve. As the only family owned and operated funeral home in Roswell and Chaves County, we strive to continue to give the community the newest and best funeral home in this area as a benefit in a time of need. Together we have blended 4 children, 9 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren. It is our great pleasure and honor to be of service to our team of employees and the great families of Roswell and surrounding areas.

  • Jeremy Hurley

    Jeremy Hurley, Vice President of Operations

    Blessings beyond measure come in many different ways. When Jeremy made the decision to join our team, Anderson Bethany received a top executive who understands business and motivates employees. His extensive work in the field and in management has given him all the necessary talents to organize and run an operation in a structured and well thought-out manner. The forefront of Jeremy’s heart is service to families. Being born and raised in Roswell, Jeremy (the son of Darrel and Jery Bethany) and his family have returned to be a major part of our community. Jeremy is a calm and an extremely likable person. If talking business, pleasure or family needs, you will always find an open ear and a caring listener.

  • Liz Zeig

    Liz Zeig, 2nd Vice President of Operations

  • Melaina Hernandez

    Melaina Hernandez, Office Manager/Bookkeeper

    Melaina Hernandez, or Mel, as she is affectionately known, was born in California. She moved to Roswell around age 11 and considers herself a true “Roswalien.” Mel graduated from Roswell High School. She enjoys living here and is fond of the small-town atmosphere. Mel credits her initial work in the service industry for helping her develop her professional hospitality skills. Mel loves visiting with people! And as Roswell is a popular tourist town, she has the opportunity to interact often with new people from around the world. Mel came to work at Anderson Bethany Funeral Home on a fortunate fluke. Her friend was originally offered the job but was unavailable to accept, and Mel found herself interviewing with Jeremy the following morning. She feels very blessed to have been offered the position. Mel loves her co-workers and has a wonderful rapport with all of them. She considers herself lucky to count them among her friends. Mel enjoys being useful and wears many hats at the funeral home. Her duties have evolved over the years, and she enjoys learning new skills and jumping into the work wherever she is needed. Mel adores her family and friends, and, above all else, she enjoys spending time with them. She especially enjoys the company of her sister and nephew. Mel loves participating in musical theater and is a self-proclaimed “theater nerd.” Additional hobbies include putting together puzzles, listening to fantasy and sci-fi audiobooks, and playing games on her Nintendo Switch. Mel’s love of people makes her a wonderful fit for the funeral profession. She is very social and enjoys working in a field that involves interacting with people. She states that her work has made her a better person. It has made her think deeply about life and helped her to become more patient and caring. She finds a great deal of satisfaction helping families in their time of need and treating them with compassion and kindness. At the end of the day, she is pleased to work in a profession whose cornerstone is helping others, and she enjoys interacting with and working alongside her wonderful Roswell community members.We are so fortunate to have Mel as our office manager and bookkeeper!

  • Richard  Ashby

    Richard Ashby, Funeral Service Intern, Embalmer, and Care Room Supervisor

    Rick was born in Amarillo, TX. His father worked for the U.S. government, and he was raised in Yuma, Arizona. Upon graduating from high school in Yuma, Rick attended Arizona Western College for two years. He then moved back home to Amarillo, where he attended Amarillo College Regional Fire Academy and became a firefighter. Rick also earned a paramedic certificate (EMT) from Amarillo City. Rick worked as a firefighter and a paramedic in Texas for 20 years before retiring and moving to Roswell.In 2004, Rick began working at Anderson Bethany Funeral Home & Crematory. Rick had known Darrel Bethany and his family for many years, and he was encouraged by the Bethany family to pursue this profession. Rick was not nervous to begin a career in the funeral industry, as his former occupations had prepared him physically and mentally to handle many different situations.Rick has been married for ten years to his wonderful wife, Ju Dong Ashby. He has two daughters: Aubrey, a nursing school student who will graduate in May, and Rileigh, a stay-at-home mom of a beautiful 18-month-old baby, Rick’s first grandbaby.Rick enjoys golfing, fishing, and hanging out with his grandbaby. He says he has to keep working - he just can’t hold still! Rick is a very active guy, and although he enjoys golfing and fishing with his buddies, he isn’t anywhere near ready for retirement.Rick has worked at Anderson Bethany Funeral Home for 21 years. His titles are “Funeral Service Intern, Embalmer, and Care Room Supervisor.” Rick enjoys his work. He notes that he is honored to have the opportunity to ensure that the deceased looks as good as possible before presenting them to their family for the last time. Embalming takes incredible skill, and Rick is experienced and proficient in his work. He takes his time and doesn’t rush the process. A good embalmer is invaluable to a funeral home, and Rick is seasoned in his trade.

  • Corissa Daniels

    Corissa Daniels, Funeral Service Assistant

    Corissa Daniels joined our team in 2020. She moved to Roswell in 2019 from Alamosa, Colorado, where she graduated from Alamosa High School. Beginning her work experience in the hotel and dining industry, she was discovered by Darrel and Jery Bethany. It didn’t take too long for them to bring her on board at the funeral home to join our family in serving Roswell and the surrounding areas. Corissa loves people and devotes everything to serving her families, ensuring the Celebrations of Life for their loved one is superior. She has worked in many areas of the funeral home and has recently become an FSI. Her main goal is to become an FSP.

  • Kristina  Urquides

    Kristina Urquides, Funeral Service Assistant

  • Cissy  Vasquez

    Cissy Vasquez, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant to the Directors and Interns

  • Olivia  Tirado

    Olivia Tirado, Saturday Receptionist

  • Nadia  Contreras

    Nadia Contreras, Administrative Assistant for Memorial Tributes

  • Lisa  Hobbs

    Lisa Hobbs, Administrative Assistant for Obituaries and Advertisements

    Lisa was born in California on Travis Air Force Base. Her father was in the Air Force, and Lisa grew up between Pennsylvania and New Mexico. She was largely raised in New Mexico and has lived here since she was 15 years old. Lisa graduated from Goddard High School in Roswell.After graduation, Lisa's studies took her between Roswell and Chicago, where she lived for a few years. Upon her return, she became involved in the local theater and film scene in Roswell. She enjoys working with the Roswell Community Little Theater and has been involved in several productions. She is currently serving as an assistant director. In her free time, Lisa enjoys creating art of all types.Lisa was intrigued when Anderson Bethany Funeral Home & Crematory posted an ad for a receptionist. She had worked as a receptionist for several other businesses but had no experience in the funeral industry. Lisa enjoys her work at the funeral home and says her supervisors and co-workers have been very good to her. She loves being able to help people during a difficult time and is eager to advance her skills and capabilities. She looks forward to learning more about the funeral profession.We are thrilled to have Lisa as our receptionist!

  • Carroll Caudill

    Carroll Caudill, Funeral Attendant

    Carroll was born in Vallejo, California. When he was one year old, his doctor advised his parents to move him to a drier climate due to his asthma. His family moved to Lovington, New Mexico, where he was raised and graduated from Lovington High School. Carroll had the desire to travel and to see the world, so he joined the Air Force three days after graduation. He was stationed in Amarillo, TX, at Amarillo Air Force Base. Despite his wanderlust, he remained in Texas for the duration of his military service from 1962 to 1966. He then moved to Riverside, CA, and attended California Baptist University. At the time, Carroll had the desire to become a Baptist preacher. Upon completion of his education, he participated in evangelistic work on the streets of Hollywood, CA, and had the profound opportunity to serve alongside Arthur Blessitt for three years. Carroll then accepted a call to become the pastor of a church in Loco Hills, New Mexico. He soon discovered that his new role involved more counseling than preaching, and, after a time, he decided that line of work wasn’t his calling in life.Never one to sit still, Carroll was ready for a new experience. One day, he and Darlene were driving past Anderson Bethany Funeral Home & Crematory in Roswell, and he felt the desire to go in and visit with the funeral home owners. He was hired on the spot as a funeral assistant. Carroll absolutely loves his work at Anderson Bethany. He has the opportunity to help with viewings and funerals, and he greatly appreciates being able to visit with families in need of comfort and support during a difficult time. Carroll loves people and feels it is his calling in life to help and encourage anyone in need. He wants the grieving families at the funeral home to feel important and loved. As he states, “I try to do everything respectfully.” We are so thankful to have Carroll as our funeral assistant!

  • Santana  Hernandez

    Santana Hernandez, Transportation Team

  • Matt Morales

    Matt Morales, Transportation Team

  • Brandon  Perry

    Brandon Perry, Transportation Team

  • David  Sordo

    David Sordo, Funeral Attendant/Transportation Team

  • Paul Crow

    Paul Crow, Transportation Team